Forte Belvedere Prima Guerra Mondiale

The Foundation Forte Belvedere-Gschwent welcomes and thanks you for visiting our website which is aimed at promoting the Fort and also information activities, as in our case, the history of the First World War.

Forte Belvedere boasts more than 28,000 visitors a year, visitors that have the chance to try, thanks to some multimedia installations, the atrocious experiences of the Great War; the cold walls, the moisture and different noises will catapult you back in time to better understand what the war was and what it still is in some parts of the world.

The commitment of our Foundation is to convey this sad history of our past and serves to teach and inform a vision of Europe and humanity, to face difficulties without having to resort to arms.

In order not to forget the atrocities of the past and construct a future of peace together, we invite you to follow us and to come visit us.

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