forte prima guerra mondiale

The Belvedere-Gschwent fortress in Lavarone (ge. Lafraun) was built by the Army Corps of Engineers under the direction of the Austro-Hungarian Lieutenant Rudolf Schneider in the four-year-period 1908-1912 with the aim of defending Trento from the possible Italian attacks in this peculiar area.

Thanks to its 200-soldiers-garrison, led by a lieutenant, the stronghold completely fulfilled its defensive task by supporting the military actions.
Despite the strong bombardments directed by the Italian artillery located in Porta Manazza, Campolongo and Campomolon and the consequent damages, the stronghold succeeded in resisting: in fact, as soon as the bombings ended, the soldiers restored the damaged buildings.
Just in the first years of war more than one thousand heavy-caliber bombs were thrown upon the fortification, some of which managed to pierce the armoured structures and on the 16th of May 1916 the explosion of an Italian grenade caused the death of nine Italian soldiers and injured 18 of their comrades.
Contrary to what happened to the other strongholds, which were demolished in the 30s in order to collect the iron contained in them, Belvedere-Gschwent escaped the postwar demolition ordered by King Vittorio Emanuele the Third. More information on the history introduction

Owned by the Municipality of Lavarone, which in 2002 accurately restored it and prepared thematic routes for the visitors, the fortress is today a museum showing the most dramatic events of the First World War. Belvedere-Gschwent is a unique and indispensable witness of a conflict that dramatically upset Europe.


Cento anni di Forte Belvedere

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Fortezza delle Emozioni

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We are open:

April, May, June



Tusday to Sunday
(Monday closed)

July, until
18. September


daily 10.00-18.00


19.-30. September




Tusday to Sunday
(Monday closed)




only Saturday and Sunday
open also 31. October




open Tuesday 1.November
then only Saturday-Sunday 10.00-17.00


The Fort is closed from November through March except the dates noted below, email us for any inquiries

Please note that the Fort is closed in bad weather conditions or snow covered access road

8. - 11. December


26. December 2016 to
8. January 2017


daily 10.00-16.30

daily 10.00-16.30

The last admission is
half hour before closing



For inquiries please contact us during museum opening hours tel. +39 0464 780005 or +39 349 5025998, or email

The last 800 meters of access road from the parking to the fort is closed for traffic. Handicapped or disabled guests may drive to the fort with the proper authorization.

We recommend appropriate clothing and shoes inside the structure since in some areas there could be drafts and moisture present.


Please note that animals are not allowed inside the fort, exceptions are guide dogs for the blind or visually impaired.

For Group and tour reservations please call us during business hours Monday through Friday at tel. +39 349 5025998 or send us an email

For tourist information on the highlands and Lavarone contact the Tourist Office APT +39 0464 724144

Tuesday, 06 Dec 2016


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Iniziativa 2012
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Aderiscono, oltre a ForteBelvedere

- Museo della Guerra di Rovereto
- Base Tuono Folgaria

- Centro di Documentazione di Luserna

Mappa interattiva

dei sentieri e dei servizi nel comune di lavarone dove si trova, il museo storico della prima guerra mondiale ,il Forte belvedere.